Led by a team of industry experts,  3R Pharma LTD is developing high-end and complex cannabinoids based pharmaceutical products to address chronic ocular diseases for patients around the world. 


​We have partnered with CanNegev Incubator that was established as a joint venture of Perrigo/Padagis, BOL Pharma, OurCrowd, and Israeli Innovation Authority, and received seed funding from the Israeli Innovation Authority to initiate our research.


Our Research and Development unit based in Israel is licensed to conduct scientific and clinical research on cannabinoid formulations. As such, we are conducting in-depth research and developing cannabinoid-based medicines for patients suffering from complex chronic ophthalmic conditions.

We are committed to developing the next generation of ocular therapeutics with the help of cannabinoids. These patent-pending cannabinoid-based medicines provide a novel treatment option for various conditions that are currently insufficiently addressed.

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Chronic ocular surface diseases affect between 15-20% of the global population. For most of these chronic ailments, there are no long-term treatments, no FDA-approved protocols while exiting antibiotics or steroids can not be used continuously without significant side effects.


Our mission is to unlock and exploit the potential of cannabinoid-based medicines, in order to address serious conditions, that currently have limited or no treatment options. 

In order to provide an effective solution to ocular issues, 3R Pharma

is developing a patented ocular cannabinoid treatment method using cannabinoid-based formulations.

We aim to provide efficient ocular treatment formulations and procedures for various intricate eye conditions.



CEO Founder

Michael Rubinov is a business executive with broad experience in sales, marketing, business strategy, and international business development.  Michael holds BsEE from New York Institute of Technology, Master of Science (MsCS) from  Stevens Institute of Technology, and MBA from Bradford (UK) School of Management. 

Michael brings vast business knowledge coupled with entrepreneurial spirit and passion to succeed through learning and perseverance.

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Dr. Liat Lomnitski

Advisory Board, Preclinical Studies & Pharma Regulation

Dr. Liat Lomnitski is one of the known Israeli experts in Preclinical studies, Safety, Toxicology, and Regulation. With vast experience in the pharma industry and 18 years with Perrigo/Padagis, she brings tremendous expertise and knowledge to the board of the company.  In addition, Dr. Lomnitski is a member of the scientific advisory board of CanNegev Incubator. 

Dr. Lomnitski received her PhD in Biochemistry from Bar-Ilan University and postdoctoral studies in Neuroscience from Tel-Aviv University.



Advisory Board, Chief Medical Advisor

Prof. Belkin received an M.A. degree in Science from Cambridge University, England, and an M.D. degree in Medicine from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is the author of over 250 scientific publications and holds over 25 patents.

Prof Belkin established and was the first full-time director of the Tel Aviv University Goldshlager Eye Research Institute. He was also:

Head of the pediatric ophthalmology services at Hadassah University Hospital and the Sheba Medical Center

  • Chairman of the Tel Aviv University Department of Ophthalmology

  • President of the Israel Society of Eye and Vision Research of which he was a co-founder

  • Chairman, Permanent Advisory Committee in Ophthalmology, Ministry of Health.

  • Incumbent of the Tel Aviv University Sidney A. Fox Chair of Ophthalmology

  • Chairman, Ophthalmology Committee, National Councils for Health

  • Chairman, Commercial Relationship Committee, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

  • Head of the Research and Development branch of the Israeli military medical department



Advisory Board, Medical Cannabis Regulation Expert

Dana is an alumni of California State University, Chapman University’s George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, and is currently attending the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy for a Master’s of Science in Medical Cannabis and Therapeutics.
Dana is a leading expert in pharmaceutical and cannabis biotechnology. Her company, PharmaConsult LTD advises companies on regulatory guidance, FDA compliance, and product formulation. Her past experience includes working with a generic pharmaceutical company that has a pipeline of FDA targeted products (totaling over 1B+ in brand sales) and licensing partnerships with leading multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies.

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